About Us

The Philadelphia Triathlon Club (PTC) has grown from its roots as a small collection of training partners, into one of the largest and most successful triathlon clubs in the Mid-Atlantic.

Mission Statement:

The Philadelphia Triathlon Club aims to provide a community where a multisport athlete in the Philadelphia metropolitan area can achieve individual training and performance goals in a fun, supportive environment.


  1. To promote camaraderie among club members and other triathletes/duathletes.
  2. To provide education and clinics to club members about the sport of triathlon.
  3. To provide organized group rides, runs and swim workouts.
  4. To provide discounts on equipment and products through our sponsorship network.
  5. To provide triathlon racing uniforms at a “significant” discount to retail for all club members.
  6. To facilitate special programs for female members.
  7. To give back to our community through volunteer work and supporting those less fortunate.
  8. To provide a quarterly newsletter.
  9. To provide a social outlet for club members.
  10. To have FUN! While multisport athletes are serious about their sport we all need to remember to HAVE FUN!