Member Discounts

PTC offers its members a number of discounts on equipment and other products offered by our sponsors. If you meet certain requirements, you may take advantage of these benefits.

Membership is based on a calendar year – regardless of when you may have joined.

If you pay club dues for the current year, you will:
* Exclusive club-only discount codes to area races
* Receive a 10% discount on all non-sale items at Guys Bicycles
* Receive 10% discount on painting services from Nolan Painting
* Receive 30% discount to non-sale items (limited time)
* 10% off at

If you pay club dues for the current year, were a member of the club in the previous year, competed in at least 1 race in your PTC uniform and volunteered at a club event, you will:
* All discounts with regular membership
* Be able to take advantage of the special club Pro Deals from Oakley, Cannondale, Michelin, Sidi and Giro